motu-release will revert libgems-ruby to the old state.

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Fri Aug 29 23:12:01 BST 2008


and just a personal note from me:
One of the problems with the upload was obviously the rush before 
Please don't rush towards any freeze, having a hard point after which 
"everything is too late" seems not like a good thing to me. That's why we had 
a gradual freeze policy for hardy, and will do so again for intrepid.
And in case the gradual freeze policy doesn't address this problem, I'm happy 
to hear any ideas to alleviate this issue. If this upload was the result of a 
policy problem in the first place the policy should get fixed imho.

Also I'd like to state that I am convinced that all changes were done on good 
will, in order to make Ubuntu better. I'd like to encourage you who were 
involved with the upload in the first place, to also look for problems, why 
this could happen at all. If there are underlying problems in the system (be 
it freeze or sponsorship or else), please shout now, ideally with your 
idea how these could be resolved.


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