Lilypond's debian control file out of date? was: Re: live cd-with lilypond

Rob Canning info at
Fri Aug 29 17:44:54 BST 2008

Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:
> Am Montag, 25. August 2008 schrieb Rob Canning:
>> Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:
>>> At least the Debian and Kubuntu packages of lilypond-data have
>>> the following requirement: Pre-Depends: tetex-bin |
>>> texlive-base
>>> I suppose that this is not true any longer and was never
>>> removed when lilypond switched away from using latex... There
>>> is, however, a build-time dependency on metafont (mf-nowin is
>>> called to create the feta font), which is in the
>>> texlive-base-bin package.
>> does this mean all this is needed is a modification to the debian
>>  controlfile?
> Hopefully, yes. Lilypond does not have a run-time dependency on any
>  LaTeX-distribution any more. I didn't see anything in the
> texlive-base package, which would be required for LilyPond, and a
> lilypond run after removing texlive also executed properly. Of
> course, that's not a guarantee that I didn't miss anything. As I
> said in my previous mail, compiling lilypond requires metafont,
> which is packaged in texlive-base-bin, and compiling the
> documentation requires texinfo, which uses pdfetex to create the
> PDF-version of the manuals.
> Cheers, Reinhold
> PS: I'm also cc'ing the packagers of the ubuntu package for
> lilypond in addition to the Debian packager. Please note the
> current run-time dependencies of Lilypond:
> We
> switched away from using latex to create the output file a long
> while ago, so I suppose the pre-depends dependency on latex can be
> removed now.
> I also wonder if Metafont could/should be packaged separately from
> texlive?

i just went to file a bug report against this on the debian site and
found that one had already been filed on:
 feb. 08 2007

would it be possible for  lilypond developers to look at  this bug
thread and  perhaps wake it up a bit? :)

this predepend error is a real blocker when it comes to including
lilypond on any live debian or ubuntu based cd



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