Request for guidance from motu-release

Stefan Potyra stefan.potyra at
Thu Aug 28 15:05:53 BST 2008


first off: sorry, there will detailed instructions for universe FFe's soonish 
(I guess I won't come around to this until Friday, maybe someone else from 
motu-release is faster though ;)).

On Thursday 28 August 2008 15:15:25 Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> Michael Haas <laga+motu at> writes:
> > Last cycle, some people had special FFe powers to take care of their
> > distributions e.g. Mario Limonciello for Mythbuntu. Can we have that
> > again for this release?

I'm all for it :).

> We had a standing freeze exception for some selected packages, which
> included wine and fai.

I guess the best approach to request a standing FFe is to write to the 
ubuntu-motu list, stating the reason why this is requested. (e.g. upstream 
releasing a well-tested stable version somewhen during FF is a good reason).

> I didn't manage to merge and test fai. I do have an untested preliminary
> merge ready, but I want to take my time to test it properly. I therefore
> ask for such a standing freeze exception for the 'fai' package so that I
> don't have to upload a premature and untested package in intrepid.

Ahem, this doesn't sound like a very convincing reason for a standing FFe 
though. As we've just started with FF, I doubt that a normal FFe will be 
rejected for your merge. Or are there other reasons for a standing FFe?

(side note: a premature package should never be uploaded, regardless if we're 
in FF or not).

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