Proposed Features for Launchpad Bugs 3.0 - call for help!

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Fri Aug 22 13:41:39 BST 2008

Hello Kiko, hi fellow MOTUs,

This has taken significantly longer than I had expected, but find below
the prioritized select of the list the Launchpad developers gave me. I
tried to incorporate all comments from all submissions I got. Please
don't be too surprised to hear that I got rather few
submissions. Moreover, since I didn't apply a proper voting system, and
most of the submissions rather expressed their opinion on the points, I
had to decide on my own on the exact prioritisation. This wasn't an easy
task at all, and I really had sleep one or two night over some
comments, but anyway, here we go (first is the most important one):

 - Fix issues with bug nominations discussed at UDS || [ Bug 253597], [ bug 253600], [ bug 253608], [ bug 253612], [ bug 110195], [ bug 253610] ||
 - /CompleteActivityLog || Ensuring bug activity captures all bug changes ||
 - [wiki:Self:/ActivityLogInterleaving Bug Activity UI Interleaving] || Displaying activity in the comments view ||
 - /TagDiscipline || Actually using OfficialBugTags for something! ||
 - /IgnoreSubscriptionsRevenge || Unsubscribing implicit subscribers from specific bugs ||
 - Flip Incomplete to New || Automatically flip bugs from Incomplete when information is provided. ||
 - /CaptureDistroSeriesWhenFilingBugs || UI to allow the user to say "I don't know/Hardy/Intrepid/..." ||
 - Email first-time bug-reporters || A welcome message and guide to triaging process ||
 - MaloneMeToo || Being able to say and record "this bug affects me to" ||
 - /FixingIrrelevantComments || Marking and hiding irrelevant comments. See  bug 220535. ||
 - Package-specific reporting guidelines || Bonus points for a syntax for including screenshots  ||
 - Negated Tags in Searches || Allow searching for bugs with some tags, but without others ||
 - Specific status change UI || Guide people to our intended workflow; allow people to add a comment and click a button to do a certain status transition ||
 - Proactive bug imports || Enabling complete syncs from plugin-enabled sites ||
 - Import a remote bug UI || One-push importing and task-annotation from Debbugs & Bugzilla ||

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