Considering component-specific work when reviewing applications

Emmet Hikory persia at
Wed Aug 20 15:00:59 BST 2008

Soren Hansen wrote:
> To Emmet: I think it's interesting that this thread started when you
> retracted your +1 on Dustin's application referencing that "it would set
> a new precedent". Well, by doing so, you've helped establish a
> different, new precedent, namely that if you're a server team person,
> you get to be dragged through the mud for weeks for no apparant, good
> reason, and you don't get to play until you're core-dev.

    Again, I retracted my vote in large part because I understood
there to be a desire of discussion, and from the results, I believe
that this was the correct choice, as there appears to be a lot of
discussion.  As I originally stated, I believe that Dustin being a
MOTU would be useful for Dustin's work, and that Dustin has the
necessary technical skills.  On the other hand, I believe that
discussion within the team is useful.  I specifically did not vote
against Dustin in my retraction, but do not feel comfortable again
changing my vote: I believe I have lost the right to do so as a result
of my retraction, and again will only vote again on this application
if it is required to break a tie.

    That said, there are two members of MOTU Council who have yet to
vote, and at least one is participating in the ensuing discussion.
Either of them might vote positively.  This is very much not about
treatment of members of the Server team, but rather about having
discussions within MOTU: these discussions seem to have moved from
being about a specific candidate to being about general issues with
MOTU identity, which should be resolved.  I'm not sure that there are
outstanding questions for the specific candidate, but leave the
decision to approve or reject that candidate to the remainder of MOTU

    Regardless of the application process for the specific candidate
that stated the discussion, the wider discussion defining "What is
MOTU" is likely useful: whatever the result of any consensus, we are
likely to have a better shared understanding of how we work as a


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