Considering component-specific work when reviewing applications

Soren Hansen soren at
Wed Aug 20 10:45:48 BST 2008

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 02:44:47PM -0700, Jordan Mantha wrote:
> One one level I might say "Server Team need not apply", just the same
> as I'd say "Desktop Team need not apply" because I want MOTUs, not
> Server/Desktop Team members with Universe upload rights. But maybe
> that's just me.

Would you rather have these people apply for core-dev instead or not
apply at all?

If you want them to apply for core-dev instead, why is it more
appropriate to work on only desktop packages or only server packages if
you're core-dev than if you're MOTU?

If you don't want them to apply at all.. Err... That's just silly :)

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