Considering component-specific work when reviewing applications

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Tue Aug 19 17:50:10 BST 2008

On Wed, 20 Aug 2008 00:58:40 +0900 "Emmet Hikory" <persia at> wrote:
>Dustin Kirkland wrote:
>> According to the diagram shown here:
>>  *
>> there is a "dotted line" between a Prospective Developer and a "Core
>> Developer", and a note that this an exceptional case.  The more common
>> case is for MOTU to apply for Core Developer recognition.  In fact,
>> that page states that "Core Developers are often recruited among the
>> MOTUs".
>    Indeed.  Most of those who become involved with Ubuntu development
>due so because they "want to help", and are typically pointed at those
>packages which are not receiving as much attention, which tend to be
>in universe.  This typically creates a workflow and work habits that
>are universe-focused.  Those developers who become immediately
>involved in the Kubuntu, Desktop, Server, Kernel, and Foundations
>teams are less common, and rightly referred to as exceptions.  Many
>MOTU, as their skills and confidence develop, may become in involved
>in one of these teams, and find that they need to become a Core
>Developer to continue their work effectively.  When these teams seek
>new members, they often seek them from existing developers who may
>have shown some interest in the area previously, adn who may be MOTU.
>> That page also goes on to describe the process by which one applies
>> for Core Developer membership, which involves going through the MOTU
>> Council and asking for them to present the individual and application
>> to the Tech Board for consideration as a Core Developer.
>> That page certainly makes it seem that to either become a MOTU or a
>> Core Developer, one needs to seek and attain the approval of the MOTU
>> Council.
>    The application process is almost identical for either
>application: the applicant simply states for which role they are
>applying, and those providing endorsements are expected to currently
>participate in the role for which the applicant has applied.  In the
>case of Core Developers, MOTU Council will make a recommendation for
>or against to the Technical Board, who will additionally interview the
>applicant during a scheduled meeting for final approval.  In the case
>of MOTU, MOTU Council will directly accept or reject the application.
>Generally, applicants are expected to demonstrate a higher degree of
>technical facility when applying for Core Developer, although many
>applicants for MOTU have also reached this level at the time of their

I guess I don't see the point in denying someone MOTU because mostly the 
packages they've touched are now in Main even though in many cases they 
were in Universe when he touched them.

If someone has some interest in Universe packages (as is the case here) I 
don't see any benifit in denying them upload rights because that is not 
mostly what they work on.

Scott K

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