Removal of illegal packages

Caroline Ford at
Tue Aug 19 01:31:29 BST 2008

2008/8/19 Neal McBurnett <neal at>:

>  All music and sound effects contained within this game are taken from
>  various freely accessible internet websites. In all cases this music
>  and sound is assumed to be placed within the public domain and
>  therefore free to distribute.  [Parallel Realities] accepts no
>  responsibility for audio contain herein that was made freely
>  available without the consent of the owner.  All character names used
>  within the game are copyright and/or trademarks of the respective
>  owners. They are not in any way associated with either Blob Wars :
>  Metal Blob Solid or Parallel Realities.

The idea that "on the internet"==public domain is an incredible newbie
error, if it's an error.

"Character names" makes it sound like wholescale ripping of
copyrighted artwork. Are these things unofficial linux 'ports' of
windows games?

I hope we don't have more games with ripped artwork, but I suspect we
probably do.


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