Removal of illegal packages

Adna rim adnarim at
Sun Aug 17 13:46:24 BST 2008

I checked viruskiller. First on its offical website ( you can find:

"Source code is distributed under the GNU General Public License. Resources are Non Free. This game should not be added to Linux distributions or respositories."

I compaired viruskiller from its original source and the ubuntu package and the music/sound files are identically. Stripping music/sound/gfx and icon folder makes this package totally useless. It's just an ui whichs left without any use to the user. Also the music/sound/gfx can't be found in the internet as single-download, so users had to download the package from it website (see first link) unpack it and move those packages. Is this still covered by the debian-policy because it would be much trouble for users to make these games work.

Best would be to remove the package and let debian know. Afaik also fedora contains this package.

But who's the original copyright owner? Maybe we can ask him to free those rescources?

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