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Packages that include binaries are not allowed, even in the multiverse
repository (which includes things like flashplugin-nonfree that you

Instead of distributing the actual binaries in the deb file, such
packages download the binaries from the upstream website. This is a
standard practice. What you can do is set up, say, a tar.gz file on
your web server for the installer script to find, download and

However, I don't know about the others, but I'd prefer the GPL version
to be packaged first. Ubuntu is, after all, first and foremost about
free software. We use Resin in our company, and I use Ubuntu at my
workstation, so I'm interested in helping to package Resin for Ubuntu.

2008/8/7 Emil Ong <emil at>:
> Hi MOTU,
> I'm an engineer at Caucho, which makes the Resin Java application
> server.  We've recently created a .deb package of our server that
> we'd like to distribute on the Ubuntu repositories.  There's an
> existing needs-packaging bug for Resin on Lauchpad, #105497.
> There are a couple of hitches, though.  We dual-license Resin as GPL
> and a closed source professional (upsell) version with a bit of extra
> code for added performance/clustering.  We'd like to distribute the
> latter in the non-free repository (similar to flashplugin-nonfree).
> At the moment, we don't have a package of the GPL version and I'm
> not sure whether/when we'll be doing that.
> Part of the rational is that the professional version just reverts
> to the open source functionality if it doesn't find a license.
> Another reason for the Pro package is that it contains some
> platform-dependent code in C, while the pure GPL version contains
> only Java; we wanted to remove the need for users to compile that
> additional code.
> What is the procedure for submitting something to the nonfree
> repository?  The REVU page (
> that I saw doesn't seem to address this case, but I'm guessing
> there's some process because of Flash, et al.  Can someone point me
> in the right direction?
> If I understand correctly, the flashplugin-nonfree package actually
> downloads the plugin from Adobe.  I should note that our package
> will include the actual binaries.
> Thanks,
> Emil
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