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Nicolas Valcarcel nvalcarcel at
Tue Aug 5 04:15:03 BST 2008

That sounds pretty fair to me. It was just an idea, but now thinking it
better and reading this arguments i'm convinced it's not a good one :D
Thank you for your time and responses.

On Mon, 2008-08-04 at 14:01 +0900, Emmet Hikory wrote:
> Nicolas Valcarcel wrote:
> >        Now that we have the uuc team up and running, wouldn't it be a
> > good idea that uuc members can ACK sync requests, since they are
> > supposed to be experienced contributors and should be capable to make
> > sync requests by their own?
>     No.  There is little difference between a manual upload and a
> sync, other than the mechanism by which the changes come to the
> repository, and as such the same criteria for determining whether
> someone can upload to the archive ought be applied.  As there is no
> technical review involved in an application to UUC, there is no
> certain knowledge that any given applicant has the necessary technical
> skills to be trusted with a sync request (or indeed, any sort of
> upload).
>     Rather than change the permission structure of uploads, I'd rather
> encourage those that have the requisite technical skills to apply for
> MOTU: that results in review by both current MOTU and MOTU Council
> review, and is likely to help identify those who ought be able to
> commit to the archive directly.
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