Reviving The MOTU-Torrent Team?

David Futcher bobbocanfly at
Tue Aug 5 00:39:01 BST 2008

Ok, Pedro Fragoso (ember) has also expressed interest in helping and I think
three members will do nicely (though anyone else is very welcome!). I'll
ping you all around this time next month to properly kick start things.

Thanks alot,

David Futcher (bobbo)

2008/8/5 John Dong <jdong at>

> Hi David,
> I was the last active member of the MOTU-Torrent/MOTU-P2P team and am still
> interested in keeping it up. Unfortunately, the way my summer is working
> out, I have had to suspend most of my Ubuntu work until school starts up
> (beginning of September). If it's possible to wait until that point, I'd be
> strongly interested in working with you to make sure MOTU-Torrent becomes
> active and self-sustaining.
> Kind regards,
> John
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