Reviving The MOTU-Torrent Team?

David Futcher bobbocanfly at
Mon Aug 4 13:06:51 BST 2008

Hi all

I have posted about this on the Planet but in case anyone didn't see it I'll
post it here too.

I am attempting to revive the MOTU-Torrent team, which at the moment looks
very quiet (The only activity in #ubuntu-motu-torrent I have seen in a long
time is asac changing his nickname!). I have emailed around the old members
of the team, but haven't received any replies.

Would anyone else be interested in reviving the MOTU-Torrent team? If you
are please reply to this, or send me an email off list so we can attempt to
organise something.

Thanks alot,
David Futcher (bobbo)
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