Proposed Features for Launchpad Bugs 3.0 - call for help!

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Fri Aug 1 13:15:42 BST 2008

On Friday 01 August 2008 06:04, Cesare Tirabassi wrote:
> On Friday 01 August 2008 09:28:49 you wrote:
> The most important from me is not on the list...
> All the others I don't really care about; they are mostly annoying things
> lost in a sea of annoying things (which to me is a clear sign that they
> have no clue about what is really important in a distro bug tracker from a
> developer pov).

I find myself in a similar position.  I will have to think on this.  My 
initial reach reaction for much of that list ranges from "Who cares" 
to "Please, $DEITY, no".

First on my list would be page load times fast enough that I don't feel it's 
better to take the trouble to manually type in a URL than click to the page 
if the page is more than one click away through their U/I.

I'll have to think on this.

Scott K

P.S.  For those that don't know, there's an html comment embedded at the end 
of every Launchpad page that lists how many (known) database queries the page 
needed and how long the database part of the process took.  Grabbing the 
first bug page I could find that I had open already it said:

<!-- at least 192 queries issued in 3.49 seconds -->

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