Proposed Features for Launchpad Bugs 3.0 - call for help!

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Fri Aug 1 11:50:29 BST 2008

Cesare Tirabassi <norsetto at> writes:

> On Friday 01 August 2008 09:28:49 you wrote:
> The most important from me is not on the list, and that would be to have the 
> source package information back on the bug page (as it was before).
> Its pretty annoying having to change to other pages just to see if that 
> package is in universe or not, what is the current version and who uploaded 
> it last.

This sounds rather like a bug than a spec to me. Is there already a
bugnumber for it? If not, can you please file a bug and tell me the number?

> For this:
>> ||   || bug imports || Enabling complete syncs from plugin-enabled sites ||
> If that means the ability for MOTU to manually sync, than this is a 15, 
> otherwise what the heck is this?

As far as I understand it, you can say "here is a bug in debbugs, it
also affects ubuntu, please import all comments, status, etc from
debbugs to launchpad and auto create a 'forwarded bugtask'."

> All the others I don't really care about; they are mostly annoying things lost 
> in a sea of annoying things (which to me is a clear sign that they have no 
> clue about what is really important in a distro bug tracker from a developer 
> pov).

They also admit that they don't have a clue what we as developers really
need. That's why they are offering us means to prioritze the work, and I
think we should take that offer.

The best we can do is to document (using bug numbers) and group (using
tags) the annoying things. This is work, obviously, but I don't see
another way how to get further on this issue.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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