Can't upload to REVU

Stefan Potyra stefan.potyra at
Fri Aug 1 08:47:35 BST 2008


On Thursday 31 July 2008 20:09:30 Matvey Kozhev wrote:
> It says:
> Error '425 Security: Bad IP connecting.' during ftp transfer of
> libbrowserlauncher2-java_1.3.dfsg-0ubuntu1.dsc

hm... interesting, doesn't appear anywhere in the logs (only that the upload 
failed). However I'm quite sure that bit in vsftpd is responsible in what 
you're seeing:

vsf_ftpdataio_get_pasv_fd(struct vsf_session* p_sess)
   * Reject the connection if it wasn't from the same IP as the
   * control connection.
  if (!tunable_pasv_promiscuous)
    if (!vsf_sysutil_sockaddr_addr_equal(p_sess->p_remote_addr, 
      vsf_cmdio_write(p_sess, FTP_BADSENDCONN, "Security: Bad IP 
      return -1;

Now I don't have the best knowledge about networking stuff, but it looks like 
the passive ftp data connection seen by vsftpd on spooky doesn't originate 
from the same address. The question is what this tells us (maybe someone is 
intercepting this connections? else?) or how to fix it. Maybe using 
active instead of passive mode helps? Anyone with better network knowledge 
got some more hints?

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