Proposed Features for Launchpad Bugs 3.0 - call for help!

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Fri Aug 1 08:28:49 BST 2008

Hello from the lp liaison,

(you are receiving this mail because you are either a member of the
motu-sru or motu-release team. A copy is also sent to
ubuntu-motu at

I had an very interesting telephone conference yesterday with the
launchpad guys. They are currently considering what features launchpad
3.0 will have. They did send me a list of things they have on the
schedule and ask (among others) us MOTUs to help prioritising the list

In the telefone conference kiko briefly explained each of the points
below. Because of the very massive list, I did a preselection of 16 specs
I consider more important than the list below. This is just a arbitrary
selection of things I consider important, but I'm explicitly asking you
to correct me if you think I'm wrong!

Please have a look at both lists, and try to understand at each of them
what they are about. Please do not hesitate to ask either me in private,
on phone or in #launchpad if you need clarification what a particular
spec is about. Then, please prioritise the 15 (!) most important items
on the list below and send that to me, preferably in private email. Use
'1' for the most important spec and '15' you care least. Use '-' to mark
specs you don't care about at all. Keep in mind that you have exactly 15
votes! I will then compile all submissions and forward that then to

Please keep in mind that kiko asked us to give the prioritisation in the
next days, so please let's not go into lengthy discussion about
implementation details unless really really necessary.

Thanks for your help!

|| M || Feature || Comments ||

== features that I consider more important ==

||   || /TagDiscipline || Actually using OfficialBugTags for something! ||
||   || /CompleteActivityLog || Ensuring bug activity captures all bug changes ||
||   || [wiki:Self:/ActivityLogInterleaving Bug Activity UI Interleaving] || Displaying activity in the comments view ||
||   || MaloneMeToo || Being able to say and record "this bug affects me to" ||
||   || /FixingIrrelevantComments || Marking and hiding irrelevant comments. See [ bug 220535]. ||
||   || Expired bugs || Allowing us to track expired bugs separately from invalid, including a textual rationale ||
||   || No more Confirmed || With Me Toos and Triaged, removed this confusing status ||
||   || Import a remote bug UI || One-push importing and task-annotation from Debbugs & Bugzilla ||
||   || /CaptureDistroSeriesWhenFilingBugs || UI to allow the user to say "I don't know/Hardy/Intrepid/..." ||
||   || Qualifying bug reporters || Redirect non-qualified people to answers; based on Karma, Ubuntu Members, Referees, etc. ||
||   || Package-specific reporting guidelines || Bonus points for a syntax for including screenshots  ||
||   || Proactive bug imports || Enabling complete syncs from plugin-enabled sites ||
||   || Code review UI || Allow code review of patch attachments, feature-parity with Bugzilla ||
||   || [wiki:Self:/ExplicitSearchFilteringAndCleanURLs /ExplicitSearchFilteringAndCleanURLs] || Let users see and understand what search filters are on, and clean up default search URLs, ||
||   || Crash reporting || Provide a repository of crashes linked to bug reports, possibly integration with Breakpad? ||
||   || Negated Tags in Searches || Allow searching for bugs with some tags, but without others ||
||   || Version-tracking of bugs || Being able to specify that a bug is present or was introduced in version X, and later fixed in version Y (*) ||

(*) note that this will take a lot of time to implement, and that would
probably block many developer resources from other important specs!

== features that I currently consider less important ==

||   || Workload estimation || Story points/hours ||
||   || Importing from tarballs || Making it easier for people to import project bugs into Launchpad for bug tracking ||
||   || [ Project group dupefinder support] ||  ||
||   || /BugFreezing || Marking a bug as frozen, disallowing new comments from non-bug-team-members ||
||   || Flip Incomplete to New || Automatically flip bugs from Incomplete when information is provided. ||
||   || Timebomb New bugs || After 6/N months, all New bugs become Incomplete ||
||   || /IgnoreSubscriptionsRevenge || Unsubscribing implicit subscribers from specific bugs ||
||   || Email first-time bug-reporters || A welcome message and guide to triaging process ||
||   || /CollectingBugStatistics || Pre-requisite for the triage report and useful to external report builders ||
||   || Triage throughput report || See [ Triaging QoS Report] ||
||   || UI for submitting bugs upstream I || Offering convenience links for sites not running our plugins  ||
||   || UI for submitting bugs upstream II || Using our Trac and Bugzilla plugins ||
||   || Better package name UI guidance || If the user selects "don't know" then lead him to an explanation ||
||   || /BetterPrivacyWorkflow || Allow special users to submit private bugs, and make it clear what consequences result of marking a public bug private ||
||   || Specific status change UI || Guide people to our intended workflow; allow people to add a comment and click a button to do a certain status transition ||
||   || Duplicate-detection inside launchpad || Scavenge Launchpad bugs with similar contents to the bug displayed and easily mark dupes ||
||   || Duplicate-detection across bugtrackers || Scavenge upstream and downstream bugtrackers for possible duplicates of bug report; on-demand and as a second step to bug reporting ||
||   || Bugtask forwarding relationships || Being able to say "This bug is in Ubuntu" or "This bugtask needs an upstream task" or "This bugtask is waiting for an uptream task" ||
||   || Duplicate bug watch workflow || When a bugwatch is linked to multiple bugs, notify/warn users (how? when?) ||
||   || Quick summary/description/tags editing || Allowing people to change these fields without two pageloads ||
||   || Status/Milestone updates for milestoned bugs || Simple UI to update selected bugs ||
||   || Fix issues with bug nominations discussed at UDS || [ Bug 253597], [ bug 253600], [ bug 253608], [ bug 253612], [ bug 110195], [ bug 253610] ||
||   || Link HWDB submissions to bug reports || This would be a first step, just linking a submission to a bug report. The developers would still have to download the data and look at it offline. ||
||   || Link hardware component to a bug report || This would allow us to be more specific at saying which hardware is affected. This feature inludes storing the submissions in a structured way, allowing submissions to be searched by hardware component. ||
||   || Make HWDB submissions searchable by kernel version || Extract the kernel version used when the HWDB submission, displaying it, and allow searches to be filtered by it  ||

== Still need sorting and clarifying from the launchpad devs ==

||   || Answer tracker localization || ||
||   || Mass Bug Editing || [ 1] [ 2] [ 3] [ bug 41702 ] ||
||   || Deleting bug tasks || admin feature to fix actual mistakes and avoid DBA intervention ||

Thank you for you collaboration!

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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