NX 3.2.0 packages

Marcelo Boveto Shima marceloshima at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 20:14:27 BST 2008


Is there a possibility that FreeNX + NX packages to get accepted into

The packages are on my ppa:

Pros and Cons:
- NX is a fork of Xorg 6.9.
   It's duplicate source code.

- There is no security problem because only 3 libs (libX11, libXext and
    are shipped on the package and they can have the security patches ported
from dapper.
    I remember it was a problem because NX was a fork of XFree86.

- This libs can be renamed to libXXX-nx. So will not conflict with the Xorg

- libXcomp, NXProxy and qtnx (NX client) are already in. We need the server
to make the
    client useful.

- Freenx is shell scripts. But we have Freenx-NG that is python.
    This was another problem when it was proposed to get in some years ago.

Marcelo Shima
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