Changes to the Universe Development team structure

Stephan Hermann sh at
Fri Apr 4 09:51:45 BST 2008


Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> Stefan Potyra <stefan.potyra at> writes:
>> Hi,
>> On Thursday 03 April 2008 16:07:07 Emmet Hikory wrote:
>> [..]
>>> a rename to "Universe Code Monkeys" (~universe-code-monkeys), and a
>> Should I change REVU's heart icon to a banana? :P
> Good Point!
> But seriously, can we please at least try to use some somewhat
> respectable names? I mean, we are not a club of script kiddies who try
> to impress our users (and therefore potential contributors) with silly
> names. We all know that ubuntu development is fast paced, but rushing in
> names like this is not going to help us keeping up with that pace, IMO.

Thanks Reinhard,

that's really on thing that concerns me, really. Could be that my life 
age is over the limit,
but having "funny names" is not a good thing to go.
"MOTU" itself came from an internal joke from former times, but right 
now, the real team is name's "ubuntu-dev", and internally addressed as 
Ubuntu Universe Developers.
Therefore we should address a bit of seriousness towards our audience.

As further notice, I think the main thought about giving potential 
universe candidates more rights is great.
We discussed it somehow on irc several times, but not as official as it 
should have been done. Question is, do we have the technical 
infrastructure to do this "right"?

Personally, I'm missing some more fine granulated permissions for users 
and teams, regarding bug working on LP.
Means, (as an example) giving the right for adding tasks without having 
some other guy to approve, I don't think it's good to do that with 
inheriting the "bug control team".
I think it would make more sense, to "force" LP Devs, means Canonical as 
driving force behind LP,  to implement a useful permission system, where 
the teamlead can give or take special rights from a user or even a 



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