shlibs problem while building package

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Sat Sep 29 17:38:25 BST 2007

Hi Marc,

Am Samstag 29 September 2007 14:13:32 schrieb Marc Franquesa:
> > Clear now? (as written already, I'm not too good at explaining).
> Yes, but I want to make something like the libvtk5 package (for
> example) that holds many libraries inside the same package.

Hm, I'd still not suggest to put more than one library in a binary package 
nonetheless, but opinions may vary ;).

> My question is:
> ¿In only have to rename the package from libinsight-toolkit to
> libinsight-toolkit2.8 ? (embedding the soname in de name)

You should put a version somewhere to the package name for the reasons given 
in my last mail, but isn't directly related to your problem that a binary 
package built with this library won't get the depends set correctly.

For some reasons unknown to me, it seems that the symlink with the name of the 
SONAME (that link, that ldconfig usually would create) needs to be in the 
library package in order for dpkg-shlibdeps to find the right dependencies. 
Maybe that's the reason that your program got the wrong dependencies?

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