shlibs problem while building package

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Fri Sep 28 20:19:35 BST 2007


Am Freitag 28 September 2007 20:34:28 schrieb Marc Franquesa:
> 2007/9/25, Stefan Potyra <sistpoty at>:
> However, the first chapters about soname and the output of a objdump
> on my libraries says that I must rename my package from
> libinsight-toolkit to another name (libitk2.8 for example), but I have
> many libraries inside this package.

Right, from your source package you need to create a binary package for each 
library with the correct name referring to the SONAME of the library in 
question. Let me try to explain why this is needed:

Consider that someone has installed the package foo, which depends on libbar1, 
which is provided by your binary package. Now the bar library changes its API 
in an incompatible way, so the SONAME of it gest bumped. The effect would be 
that you'd change your source package to build a library package libbar2 from 
then on. However foo was still built against libbar1 (and happens to depend 
on the functionality that was removed from bar).

Now consider a user's system: The user has installed foo, and libbar1 got 
drawn in, because foo depends on libbar1. After the API change, (s)he can 
then additionally install libbar2 (maybe because the new package foobar which 
the user upgraded depends on the newer library version). libbar1 however 
would still be there, so foo would still work.

If you put more than one library in a binary package, and only one library 
would change its API, then the above scenario would fail: If you wouldn't 
then bump the binary name for *every* changed API of one of the libraries, 
foo would still satisfy the depends on libbar1, but would no longer work.

Clear now? (as written already, I'm not too good at explaining).

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