future of the Ubuntu Packaging Guide

Scott Ritchie scott at open-vote.org
Fri Sep 14 20:49:39 BST 2007

Stefan Potyra wrote:
> Nonetheless, as written in the thread already, the wiki has the big advantage 
> to have a lower entry barrier. OTOH the wiki is (and probably always will be) 
> a kind of dumping place. As an example, I wanted to remove [1] once, which I 
> started, but never finished (and hopefully people didn't read, because it's 
> not very good). As you can see, (and also from the statement in the page) 
> it's still there, and very inaccurate/even wrong in some places.

Honestly, I've never read the packaging guide in its docbook format, but
I've very easily found and contributed to many wiki pages.

It's simply easier.  The problem is that developers aren't updating the
packaging guide - putting it on the wiki makes it easier to do that.
Requiring new developers to learn how to send a patch to the docbook
doesn't solve the problem, it just makes it harder to be a developer.

We shouldn't worry much about a new problem (discussion and vandalism),
since that's a lot easier to solve than the lack of contributors.  Use
the mailing list, or create a wiki discussion page, or link to a forum
thread, or put the packaging guide on your watchlist.  That's way
simpler than having to explain to a new dev why the packaging guide
isn't on the wiki.

Scott Ritchie

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