future of the Ubuntu Packaging Guide

Scott Ritchie scott at open-vote.org
Wed Sep 12 21:30:38 BST 2007

Jordan Mantha wrote:
> Hi all!
> After some discussion with Daniel Holbach and Matthew East I would
> like to propose that the Ubuntu Packaging Guide be moved from the Doc
> Team repo/website to the wiki.
> Here are some reasons for doing so:
>  * the packaging guide has been essentially unmaintained for a couple
> releases now. There are a lot of things I would have liked to have
> done but just have no time for. There are only so many
> people,especially devs, who are willing to learn docbook, etc.
>  * I am a firm believer that the Ubuntu Packaging Guide should be a
> community project where the people who are actually packaging are
> doing the writing

This is very similar to the status of the Wine FAQ at WineHQ.  In the
span of a single month, moving to the wiki took the FAQ from a
several-year out of date useless document to an accessible, useful guide.

Simply put, it's a lot easier to update a wiki page than send in a patch
to a docbook.

Scott Ritchie

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