Daniel Holbach moves to Community team - more focus on MOTU

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 7 20:26:22 BST 2007


Am Freitag 07 September 2007 15:36:01 schrieb Jono Bacon:
> Hi all,
> I am pleased to announce that Daniel Holbach, a long time leader in the
> MOTU project and friend of developers everywhere, has moved to my
> community team inside Canonical. Daniel will now be working as Ubuntu
> Community Developer Liaison. I am extremely excited to be working with
> him.

That's great news!

> So what will Daniel be getting his claws into? A key focus will be MOTU.
> Daniel will be spending a lot of time refining, improving and growing

I'm interested, what exactly needs refinement or improvement? How will this 
get implemented? Does this imply, that MOTUs are not able to improve and 
refine themselves when necessary? What effect will it have on the current 
MOTU government structure?

> and getting the world excited about it. MOTU folks, you have been 
> wanting more commitment from Canonical with MOTU, 
> ready to kick arse. Daniel will also be working on improving our
> technical development processes, 

What needs to get improved from the current technical processes? Saying that 
Canonical does a greater amount of commitment for MOTU now, does this imply 
that changes which Canonical wants, will thus get enforced to MOTUs?

> making it easier for people to get 
> involved, getting developers excited about Ubuntu and working with the
> developer community to resolve and straighten out problems and any
> conflict.

Where do you see possible conflicts inside the developer community? How will 
this integrate with the current means of conflict resolution?

   Stefan - with many questions ;)
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