Sitting out for Hardy

Nicolas Valcarcel nvalcarcel at
Mon Oct 29 04:23:48 GMT 2007

It makes me very sad your mail, i know you for a very short time, but i
know you are a very good element on ubuntu. But this things happen
sometimes, and if it's for your goodness it's fine i hope you involve
back at any point of hardy development or for the next release :D

On Sat, 2007-10-27 at 13:48 -0400, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> Most of you probably already know this from IRC, but ...
> I don't plan on much involvement during the Hardy developement cycle.  MOTU 
> has gotten to stressful for me for the stress to be worth the enjoyment I get 
> out of it.
> There are a number of reasons that I hope that by sharing, I can hope make 
> things better for everyone.
> 1.  It seems like we've quickly evolved from the idea of people are expected 
> to generally know what they are doing, think things through, and quickly fix 
> mistakes when they are made to the idea that it's not wrong to do anything 
> that isn't explicitly prohibited in some documentation.
> This rules oriented mindset makes it harder to get stuff done, harder to get 
> mistakes corrected, and is, IMO, either the effect or a cause of an 
> increasing level of defensiveness and reaction in the community.
> I think it works better to expect that people won't do things they don't know 
> enough about (ask first) and fix stuff when they mess up.  Having to have a 
> written rule that SRUs should be tested before uploading is bizarre.
> 2.  Both our processes and our tools (I'm thinking LP here) are evolving in 
> ways that from my perspective make work harder, not easier.  Tools and 
> processes should support work getting done and I think things are not 
> evolving for the better.
> 3.  The seeming limitless tolerance for people to come back again and again 
> with disruptive, incorrect advice, bugs, proposed uploads that has at times 
> been an effective denial of service attack on MOTU.  I can't work in this 
> environment.  People need time to learn, but there's a point beyond which 
> they need to learn not to do damage and cause trouble for other people.
> During Hardy, I will not be reviewing sponsored uploads (I've subscribed from 
> the motu-reviewers list on and deactivated myself from UUS).  I 
> won't take on any 'management' roles like motu-uvf.
> I will still mind the packages I've been minding.  I will still hang out on 
> IRC (unless the atmosphere just gets too stressful for me) and help answer 
> questions and be part of the community.  I will also work on helping (not 
> leading or doing) with things that can improve the problems that have led me 
> to sit this one out.
> Scott K
aka nxvl
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