Almost got this packaging thing down

Brandon Kruger bmk789 at
Fri Oct 26 14:37:59 BST 2007

    I've been reading the Packaging Guide and I picked a small piece of
software that I thought would be easy for a first package.  I downloaded
the source package ( and used dh_make to create the
debian folder and files, and I tweaked the copyright, changelog, and
control files to add the dependencies and everything.  I then created
the .dsc and tried to build it with pbuilder.  When it runs through the
config it gives me this:

configure: error:
                wxWidgets must be installed on your system.

                Please check that wx-config is in path, the directory
                where wxWidgets libraries are installed (returned by
                'wx-config --libs' or 'wx-config --static --libs'
                is in LD_LIBRARY_PATH or equivalent variable and
                wxWidgets version is 2.6.3 or above.

even though that package is listed as a dependency.  Am I using pbuilder
wrong?  I read through all the documentation I could find but no
success.  I made a tar.bz2 of the folder, the dsc, source.changes,
and the tar.gz, if you want to take a look.  Thank you for your

Brandon Kruger
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