Almost got this packaging thing down

Daniel T. Chen crimsun at
Fri Oct 26 23:56:17 BST 2007

On Fri, 2007-10-26 at 09:37 -0400, Brandon Kruger wrote:
> configure: error:
>                 wxWidgets must be installed on your system.
>                 Please check that wx-config is in path, the directory
>                 where wxWidgets libraries are installed (returned by
>                 'wx-config --libs' or 'wx-config --static --libs'
> command)
>                 is in LD_LIBRARY_PATH or equivalent variable and
>                 wxWidgets version is 2.6.3 or above.
> even though that package is listed as a dependency.  Am I using pbuilder
> wrong?

Well, you're not using pbuilder wrong per se, but you've not completed
the packaging infrastructure (namely, debian/control is incomplete), so
pbuilder inevitably will fail to create binary packages.

The culprits for the error you're seeing above are:

1) a missing binary package in debian/control:Build-Depends.  You need
to add libwxgtk2.x-dev (where x is 6 or 8);
2) a missing parameter in debian/rules:config.status.  You need to pass
"--with-wx-config=/usr/lib/wx/config/gtk2-unicode-release-2.x" (where x
is 6 or 8) explicitly to configure.

At least one additional issue in debian/control:Depends (for the fahmon
binary package) is the use of "${libwxgtk2.8-0:Depends},
${wx-common:Depends}".  This syntax as used above is incorrect, as the
leading "${shlibs:Depends}" is sufficient.  To clear up that
misunderstanding, please read and .

Please feel free to pop into #ubuntu-motu and ask for clarification and

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