patches to wesnoth, or rather general issue with substvar handling

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Wed Oct 24 13:12:39 BST 2007

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Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>  Yes. And do you know about that from my part having to go look there
> for every single package every once in a while to see if there is
> something new is a quite broken approach, when having some amount of
> packages, especially since these patches often don't really apply to
> Debian like in the case of spl: <>
>  The person who does the changes in Ubuntu should propably pretty well
> know if something would be helpful to Debian as well and push it back
> to Debian in the sense of not having to put any further effort into
> maintaining the patch, which is a win-win situation for all involved
> parties.
>> Of course, it's better if it gets forwarded to your bugtracker as well -
>> but where it doesn't, it's always worthwhile checking the patches
>> section for ubuntu patches.
>  My perception on "always worthwhile" is most of the time either wasted
> time just to find nothing or something, like in the above mentioned
> case, that doesn't apply to Debian, which makes it a quite huge effort
> for little gain, where a simply notification from the person who changed
> something is a little effort for a big gain.
>  So long,
> Rhonda
Sheesh.  Was just a suggestion.  It wasn't a "You must do this, or
else".  No need to start getting antagonistic at me.

You know, mails like this remind me of why some people do *not* send
things back to Debian - even though they're aware of how it could be
benefiting both distributions, and less work for them in the long run -
they're aware of how the maintainer may well bite their head off after
offering a suggestion.

Just my 2c

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