patches to wesnoth, or rather general issue with substvar handling

Gerfried Fuchs rhonda at
Wed Oct 24 13:30:25 BST 2007

* Sarah Hobbs <hobbsee at> [2007-10-24 14:12:39 CEST]:
> Sheesh.  Was just a suggestion.  It wasn't a "You must do this, or
> else".  No need to start getting antagonistic at me.

 Sheesh, sorry for have you hit on your wrong foot. It wasn't a "I deny
to do so", so no need to get pouting at me. It was mere pointing out
that this approach is having its troubles and that I would like to get a
rethinking about this approach.

> You know, mails like this remind me of why some people do *not* send
> things back to Debian - even though they're aware of how it could be
> benefiting both distributions, and less work for them in the long run -
> they're aware of how the maintainer may well bite their head off after
> offering a suggestion.

 I am sorry if you felt like having your head bitten off, and I were
further away from that than you might think, really wonder how you get
that impression.

 But I won't turn this into a "you did wrong" "no, you" thread because
it's not helpful at all, neither to you nor me nor Ubuntu nor Debian
nor the relationship between us, and turning to personal accusings just
don't get it any further.

 So long, and thanks for jumping.

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