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Sarah Hobbs hobbsee at
Wed Oct 24 11:31:49 BST 2007

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Michael, apologies for the overly harsh mail.

I think I forgot about my Australian culture, and underestimated how my
shock would show through the mail. :)

Having spoken to various people on irc in #ubuntu-motu, I've seen some
things come out.

1.  Our documentation about SRU's needs fixing up.  I see a thread
already on the mailing list about this.  I thought that it was a
requirement to test packages yourself, before uploading it.

2.  The question of "how do we expect our users to test this stuff, when
we don't feel it's necessary to test it ourselves?" is still a valid
one.  If some of the more high-profile apps in universe got released
with buggy -proposed updates, most people would scream at us, and then
turn off -proposed repository - and then we'd have a lot more trouble
getting testing.

3.  In turn, i'll make sure that *I* read the SRU documentation too,
instead of going on the knowledge of it that i had from a few months ago.

4.  I never suggested that Michael should be thrown out for this - I
said that if a person keeps making these kind of uploads, then perhaps
we should look at removing their upload rights, if they've been educated
on what they're doing wrong, and then commit more offenses regardless.

Again, apologies for the harsh mail.


Michael Bienia wrote:
> On 2007-10-23 15:20:55 +1000, Sarah Hobbs wrote:
>> Michael, what in hell were you thinking?
> I was contacted by GNUmed upstream about that problem with the
> gnumed-client package in gutsy. I wanted to help them get the package
> working again.
> But I see now that the way I did it was wrong and apologize for doing
> it. I should have uploaded the package to my PPA instead of -proposed.
> I won't do any SRU anymore where I'm not absolutely confident that all
> the testing I can do was done.
> Please accept my apology.
> Michael
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