Atmosphere in the MOTU team (Was: Re: StableReleaseUpdates: gnumed-client ( available for testing)

Richard A. Johnson nixternal at
Tue Oct 23 17:11:25 BST 2007

On Tuesday 23 October 2007, Daniel Holbach wrote:
| "Ruffled feathers" is euphemistic for what has happened here.

I tried to stay out of this one, but I had time to sit back (sleep) and think 
about the situation. Like Daniel said, Ruffled Feathers is exactly what is 

You know, I could see this being a much larger issue if we were talking about 
a package that could cause serious backflow with Ubuntu (like the X upgrade a 
couple of cycles back), but after researching the Popularity Contest results, 
GNUmed only has a couple of hundred installs. I am not saying that these 
installs aren't important, but it isn't a package used by many.

Granted, uploading w/o a little testing may in fact be an issue, and I am sure 
Michael has learned from this one, I can guarantee he more than likely will 
not do it in the future.

Please don't look at this like just because it was GNUmed and it isn't a very 
popular package just yet that I think the issue is smaller, but I think there 
has been a little to much blow up here. At the same time I don't want to 
ruffle any more feathers than have already been ruffled. Obviously it was a 
small error, and thankfully it was with a smaller package, but I still think 
that Michael deserves his nomination in the MC and he still has my support! I 
have known Sarah now for a couple of years and I know her passion for the 
work that goes on, and obviously the TB does as well otherwise she wouldn't 
be in the position she is in. With that said, lets fix this from happening in 
the future, both the testing mistake and the overheated discussions. I have 
always been the type to pull someone off to the side when I take issue with 
something, and I think that would have been the best result.

One thing we need to remember, these lists are heavily watched, I MEAN 
HEAVILY, by a bunch of people who have nothing else better to do than post 
an "Ubuntu Developer Fallout" FUD story on Digg, Slashdot, OS News and such. 
Lets put the heated discussion behind us, lets unruffle the feathers, and 
lets fix the process. No more finger pointing either.

Richard A. Johnson
nixternal at
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