Atmosphere in the MOTU team (Was: Re: StableReleaseUpdates: gnumed-client ( available for testing)

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Tue Oct 23 14:14:43 BST 2007

Am Dienstag, den 23.10.2007, 08:42 -0400 schrieb Scott Kitterman:
> What do you suggest?  Once someone is a MOTU (or elected to MOTU Council) 
> there isn't AFAIK any process to deal with removal.

Removal? I stand firmly behind Michael. He's been doing awesome work and
I'm glad he accepted being in the MOTU Council.

I'm not saying that I'm happy about this particular upload, but throwing
him out of the project does not help with anything.

> I think, particularly as we have no voice in who gets nominated, that us 
> regular MOTUs should be able to closely question the people that the CC/TB 
> have decided are to be the masters of the masters so to speak.  This is a one 
> time decision and it needs to be right.  Personally, I'm more worried about 
> getting the best MOTU council possible to make good decisions for our future 
> than I am about a few ruffled feathers along the way.

Why don't you raise the point about the MOTU Council election process
with the CC and TB, if it bothers you?

"Ruffled feathers" is euphemistic for what has happened here. It's
perfectly OK to be questioned about what happened in such an upload or a
follow-up mail to the Accepted upload. If such things happen again, it's
appropriate to talk to one of the governance bodies we have, but it's
not OK to be talked to in such a way.

Have a nice day,

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