MOTU Games team -> Debian Games team

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Sun Oct 14 13:00:24 BST 2007


the MOTU Games team, consisting off too few active members is no longer. 
However all active member of this team have been absorbed by the Debian games 
team [1], which is doing a rocking job to bring the coolest games into Debian 
and hence into Ubuntu as well. So, if you're interested in packaging games 
for {Debian, Ubuntu} feel free to join us in our efforts at [1]. You can find 
a few members in #ubuntu-motu on freenode, but the canonical channel (no pun 
intended) is #debian-games on

For your first steps, please subscribe to the mailing list [2] and contact us 
on irc if you have any questions. In the wiki [3], there should be a number 
of interesting pages, to get you started.

    Stefan on behalf of the Debian games team.
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