gnugk BUG - when /etc/default/gnugk:START_ON_BOOT=no, cannot /etc/init.d/gnugk stop

Kilian Krause kilian at
Sat Oct 13 12:34:00 BST 2007

Hi Zenaan,

On Thu, Oct 11, 2007 at 12:12:09PM +1000, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> when /etc/default/gnugk:START_ON_BOOT is set to no, cannot run
> /etc/init.d/gnugk stop
> (as in, the error    echo "$NAME : disabled in /etc/default/gnugk."
> appears).

this is actually no error. You can still run gnugk from the commandline.
The init.d script is for running GnuGK as a service - which means on
system boot. Surely you can still remove the symlink in
/etc/rc*.d/S*gnugk and still enable the daemon in /etc/default/gnugk to
make use of this script. But anyway, the above is not an error or a bug.

If you think the wording needs to be enhanced to reflect this more
clearly, please file a bug with our BTS[1].

Best regards,

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