Change in the Mentoring program

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at
Mon Nov 26 05:22:08 GMT 2007

On Sunday 25 November 2007 19:52, Cesare Tirabassi wrote:
> Let me repeat once again, you haven't got any numbers simply because there
> are no such numbers. We have kept no record beside those which I pointed
> out to you.

On Nov 26, 2007 10:56 AM, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> How many people that were involved in the program as mentees later became
> MOTUs?  Are there any other than you?

    As I feel it's important to track metrics, as otherwise it's
really not clear how any process changes affect things, I've reviewed
the available information towards drafting some numbers, with the
following results:

Queue size of pending mentoring requests: unavailable from BZR
People receiving mentoring that have become MOTU: 3
People who have become MOTU since the Mentor program began: 18
(including the 3 above)
Number of current mentors: 17
Number of current mentees: 29
Date mentoring program started: 22 May 2007

    Just as a note, in all cases where a Mentoree became MOTU there
were previous uploads to the archive and previous communication with
the community (prior to joining the mentoring program): I do not see
any cases where a completely new person has requested Mentoring and
become a MOTU.

    Further, these numbers are from a quick review of the revision
notes in BZR and glancing at the current revision: it may be (and
likely is) that I have made mistakes, and there may be benefit to
someone working through revision by revision to produce more accurate
numbers (including such useful things as "Number of people requesting
mentoring who have dropped from the program").


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