Change in the Mentoring program

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Thu Nov 15 23:08:09 GMT 2007


Am Donnerstag 15 November 2007 19:45:23 schrieb Scott Kitterman:
> I would additionally like to propose that assigned mentors not sponsor
> changes by their mentees.  This will better integrate mentees with the MOTU
> community, reduce montor worloak, and expose hopefuls to more diverse
> inputs from more MOTUs.

Hm... I like the goal, but I don't see particular harm being done if a mentor 
sponsors a mentee, as long as the goal is actually still met.

Hence I'd rather make a rule like this:
"The mentor should try to integrate the mentee within the MOTU community and 
familiarize him/her with the MOTU workflows and procedures. As an example, 
the mentor should teach the mentee the regular sponsoring workflow by 
exercise. (more examples)".

Of course this rule is pretty obvious, and is what mentors are doing nowadays 
anyway, right?

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