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Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Thu Nov 15 18:45:23 GMT 2007

On Thu, 15 Nov 2007 19:08:37 +0100 Cesare Tirabassi <norsetto at> 
>Dear all,
>as you may know we have been discussing possible ways to make the 
>program even more efficient.
>One possibility raised by Emmet [1] is to split the current program in two 
>stages, not directly linked to each other:
>Stage 1 would be directed towards newcomers and is meant as an 
introduction to 
>the Ubuntu development, in particular about the methods, tools and 
>that we use.
>At the end of stage 1 a contributor is supposedly able to actively 
>to the community through sponsoring.
>Stage 2 is instead mainly meant to prepare already active contributors to 
>become MOTUs.
>Before adopting this change, we would like to know how many developers 
>be willing to change to this scheme, and how many would be available to 
>out with either stage 1, stage 2 or both of them.
>In light of an adoption of this scheme, Mentors which are already active 
>kindly requested to communicate to us under which stage would their 
>Please raise your hand!
>MOTU Mentoring reception

I continue to be concerned that the mentors program retards the integration 
MOTU hopefuls into our community.  I've discussed this with dholbach and I 
think that with a small additional change I would be willing to help out.  

I would additionally like to propose that assigned mentors not sponsor 
changes by their mentees.  This will better integrate mentees with the MOTU 
community, reduce montor worloak, and expose hopefuls to more diverse 
inputs from more MOTUs.

I would be willing to sponsor hopefuls if we could make this additional 

Scott K

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