Minutes for MOTU Meeting of 5th November 2007

Emmet Hikory persia at ubuntu.com
Sat Nov 10 23:43:45 GMT 2007

Ubuntu MOTU Meeting Minutes for Friday, 5 November, 20:00 UTC.

SRU Process Change

Scott Kitterman suggested that the Universe SRU process be updated to
require a TEST case in the description, as was recently done for Main.
After brief discussion, a vote was taken, resulting in a decision to
adopt this process. StableReleaseUpdates has been updated to reflect
this decision.

REVU Reviewing Guidelines

Emmet Hikory proposed a set of Reviewing Requirements for REVU
packages. After some discussion and modification of the specific
review criteria, it was agreed that the criteria should be considered
Guidelines and then adopted, and that the criteria should be revised,
and presented for later vote. In the later vote, the criteria were
accepted, and are to be published on the wiki. Stefan Potyra
dissented, suggesting that both the set of criteria and the existence
of criteria would benefit from wider discussion on the mailing list
prior to adoption.

New Package Reviewing Process

Scott Kitterman proposed alterations in the New Package review process
to reduce requirements for status tracking in both LP and REVU.
Specifically, once assignment as been established, the LP bug should
not be used for tracking until the archive-admins have accepted the
package, and that all new packages should be first published to REVU.
The process change was approved by vote, and published on the mailing
list after the relevant sections of the wiki were updated.

Review of New Upstream Versions

Emmet Hikory suggested the exclusive use of interdiff as an input for
requests for new upstream versions. After discussion on process, a
vote was taken to use interdiffs for reviewing new upstream packages.
Emmet will publish instructions for the use of interdiff for reviews
to the wiki and to mailing lists, and update related process

Ubuntu Universe Sponsors Day

Luke Yelavich had proposed the idea of a dedicated day for processing
of the Ubuntu-Universe-Sponsors queue. In discussion, it was
determined that many bugs in the queue were being handled well by
existing sponsors, but some bugs lingered for extended periods of
time, and more sponsors would be welcome. There was general agreement
to delegate the organisation and advertisement of Ubuntu Universe
Sponsors Day or other means of recruiting sponsors to the Sponsors
Team. Further, Stefan Potyra requested regular announcement of
long-standing unsponsored bugs (in queue over a week). Reinhard
Tartler suggested the use of a tag-based tracking system for these
bugs to provide some automation and reduce the risk of stale bugs
appearing on the mailing list.

Next Meeting Time

The Next MOTU Meeting will be 23rd November, 12:00 UTC.

Next REVU Day

The next REVU days will be 12th and 19th November, in all timezones.

Next Q&A Sessions

There were no proposals for specific session times, and later
determination and publication of session schedules was deferred until
a future date.

These minutes are also published on the wiki as

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