postgrey broken in gutsy

dAniel hAhler ubuntu+lists at
Mon Nov 5 23:26:13 GMT 2007

Cyber Dog wrote:

> Now, unfortunately, reclassifying the bug seems to have equally failed
> at getting it any attention.  I've gotten several "me too" updates
> over the past couple weeks, but no updates from developers.  It
> appears most users are resorting to mixing Debian packages into their
> systems to resolve this issue.  I find it hard to believe that
> importing an existing Debian patch could be so complicated for the
> maintainers to do, but then again I'm not involved in the process
> either.  The bottom line is, this bug seems to be fairly popular, and
> rather severe, but apparently we still haven't gotten the attention of
> the right people.  Ideas?

I've looked into it, triaged the bugs around it (it affects subversion,
too), documented the ways to reproduce the bugs and attached patches for
hardy and gutsy-proposed.


Unfortunately, quite a lot of programs depend on libdb4.4 (and other
packages from db4.4), which I have not tested/looked into (see
"apt-cache rdepends libdb4.4").

I've documented everything I've found out at the above bug, you may want
to test the patch (see for
building fixed packages yourself).

Hope this helps. I'm not really sure about the fix, but it reverts
something from 8.1ubuntu2 - and the bug in Debian did something similar
from 8.1 to 9 - and reverted it in version 10 (IIRC).


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