Jeffrey Ratcliffe jeffrey.ratcliffe at
Fri Nov 2 13:27:42 GMT 2007

I've been trying to do some packaging and am a little frustrated by the process.

When I decided to package v2 of tesseract
REVU was down, so on the premise that a Debian developer is an Ubuntu
developer, I uploaded to After six RFSs and
various improvements to the package, I gave up, and have uploaded it
to REVU (, now
that it is back up.

I appreciate that the hard-working MOTUs have too much to do, but it
is frustrating that not only has no one made any comment on REVU, it
is not clear when it will be considered.

The order of the packages on REVU seems to be semi-random. I assume
that as MOTUs are free to look at the packages as they see fit, the
order in which they do so is also fairly random. It would be nice to
see a queue of some sort.

I am not motivated to do any more packaging until I can see that it is
going to be of some use.

I want to help



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