TeXmacs Axiom Session Anomaly

David E. Miller david.miller at embarqmail.com
Thu Nov 1 13:50:02 GMT 2007

Dear Bugs:

I am using the TeXmacs package under Ubuntu Linux 7.04, which I do not 
believe to be relevant to this bug:

When operating TeXmacs in an Axiom CAS session, it appears that TeXmacs 
is stripping space characters from the raw Axiom output result stream. 
This results in the concatenation of characters in the TeX output that 
is displayed, removing spaces from between individual numbers (e.g., 19 
71 1723 appears as 19711723) and exponents on variables are juxtaposed 
with a following index on a radical sign:

   2  10__
x       \/y

appears as

x    \/y

and so forth.

Also outputSpacing space characters are stripped out in long constants:

ouptputSpacing 3

x := pi()

numeric x

3.141 592 653 589 793 238 5    # this is the axiom ouput

this is what is displayed in TeXmacs:

3.145926535897932385            # no spaces

These examples are probably typical of a consistent stripping of space 
characters from Axiom output when displayed as TeXmacs.

I could not get a Maxima CAS session to fire up under TeXmacs under this 
Ubuntu package to compare. This is obviously an issue with the Ubuntu 
TeXmacs package  implementation and not a direct TeXmacs issue. I have 
sent a separate bug message for this to the Ubuntu TeXmacs package 


David E. Miller
United Airlines
Boeing 777

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