Fast-track mentoring for lupine_85 and pricechild

Toby Smithe tsmithe at
Sat Mar 17 19:32:27 GMT 2007

On Sat, 2007-03-17 at 11:52 -0400, Richard Bailey wrote:
> Speaking as another non-MOTU (but MOTU hopeful) I don't see a problem
> with this fast tracking because it's a special case. Beryl is a high
> profile project that a lot of eyes are looking for in the next release
> of Ubuntu. If this fast tracking, at the request of Mark, can help to
> ensure tighter integration between the Ubuntu project and the Beryl
> project then I don't think it's a bad thing. 

Sorry PriceChild and lupine_85;

I do feel that this is "a bad thing": I am a non-MOTU, and indeed a
willing and hard-working MOTU hopeful. I don't particularly see Beryl as
a "special case", and tend to agree rather fervently with ScottK here.

Just because it is visible and "high profile" does not necessarily mean
that those without going through the standardised (and it is as it is
for reasons, which I would expect those on this list to know best)
procedure. If we want Beryl to be comfortable in Feisty+1, then I feel
that that is plenty enough time to become MOTU in the canonical way.

I tend to feel that I am a good case in point: in the 18 weeks I've been
using IRC, I started contributing to Ubuntu, and a couple of weeks ago I
gained Ubuntu Membership. 6 months is far longer than that (about 24
weeks), and for well-established community members they should have no
troubles. That involves Membership, and then the processes necessary for
joining the excellent MOTU team.


Toby Smithe

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