Link to "Contributing to Debian" From REVU?

Andrew Price andy at
Fri Mar 16 01:46:12 GMT 2007

On 16/03/07 01:24, Andrew Hunter wrote:
> On March 15, 2007 16:31:17 Andrew Price wrote:
>> I was wondering, maybe there should be a link to the Contributing To
>> Debian wiki page ( ) on the
>> REVU website and/or on relevant wiki pages that link to REVU.
>> Accompanying something along the lines of "Before submitting your
>> package to REVU, consider packaging it for Debian first. Once it's in
>> Debian unstable it will automatically get into Ubuntu universe and
>> everybody wins". Just a suggestion.
> An interesting suggestion, just that if you go that route, it is proably will 
> not make it into the next release cycle (unless it is at the end of one).

That's a choice that the developers/packagers are free to make for
themselves really, which is cool. I mean, I know from first hand
experience that some packages won't be compatible with Debian unstable
but will be compatible with Ubuntu (in my case, because Ubuntu had a
newer Gnome than Debian and some APIs had changed between the versions).
But I'm all for contributing back to Debian where possible since they
contribute so much to Ubuntu.

Andy Price
IRC: welshbyte

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