Link to "Contributing to Debian" From REVU?

Andrew Hunter andrew at
Fri Mar 16 01:24:23 GMT 2007

On March 15, 2007 16:31:17 Andrew Price wrote:
> I was wondering, maybe there should be a link to the Contributing To
> Debian wiki page ( ) on the
> REVU website and/or on relevant wiki pages that link to REVU.
> Accompanying something along the lines of "Before submitting your
> package to REVU, consider packaging it for Debian first. Once it's in
> Debian unstable it will automatically get into Ubuntu universe and
> everybody wins". Just a suggestion.

An interesting suggestion, just that if you go that route, it is proably will 
not make it into the next release cycle (unless it is at the end of one).

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> Andy Price
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