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Thu Mar 15 03:11:51 GMT 2007

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On Mar 14, 2007, at 1:22 AM, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> Jono Bacon <jono at> writes:
>> So, lets look at the things in (1) that need fixing first:
>>  * The MOTU Wiki pages - Looking at  
>> it is
>> just too difficult to figure out where to start - it is a mess of
>> informaton. Many teams face this problem, so I have created a  
>> consistent
>> design that can be seen at
>> - you should  
>> make
>> use of this consistent design and use the same sections shown in the
>> above link.
>> [snipped explanation about the items on the page]
> I agree with Jono that the Wiki Page he points to is much more  
> clear and
> much more consistent then the current wiki page. I see the main
> advantage that Jono's design makes it much easier to decide where  
> to put
> new information while giving a good overview to (yet) outsiders  
> what we
> are currently working on. I therefore agree that we should adopt  
> the new
> design.

As it happens I also was interested in Jono's LoCO team wiki page  
setup back before Christmas. I started to rework MOTU/ in that form  
but kinda got busy doing other things. Well, today I freshened it up  
and finished it off (at least enough to get everybody's input and  
contribution). The URL is

One thing to note is the Teams section. I just put all the MOTU teams  
that I saw had wiki pages. There are more teams that don't and some  
of those teams that do have wiki pages are kinda old and stale  
(Security and XFCE I think at least) so maybe we want to clean up our  
teams. Each team should have a LP team, wiki page, be on MOTU/Teams/  
and be on this new MOTU frontpage. I think we need to especially take  
care of any page that gets linked from the main MOTU page.

So, thoughts? Anything to add? subtract? change?

- -Jordan
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