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Wed Mar 14 08:22:34 GMT 2007

Jono Bacon <jono at> writes:

> So, lets look at the things in (1) that need fixing first:
>  * The MOTU Wiki pages - Looking at it is
> just too difficult to figure out where to start - it is a mess of
> informaton. Many teams face this problem, so I have created a consistent
> design that can be seen at
> - you should make
> use of this consistent design and use the same sections shown in the
> above link. 

> [snipped explanation about the items on the page]

I agree with Jono that the Wiki Page he points to is much more clear and
much more consistent then the current wiki page. I see the main
advantage that Jono's design makes it much easier to decide where to put
new information while giving a good overview to (yet) outsiders what we
are currently working on. I therefore agree that we should adopt the new

Jono, I noticed that there is another TeamTemplate page in the wiki. Any
reason why that page isn't replaced with your 'SampleTeam' template?

How does one interpret the lack of other answers on Jono's post on this
list? Is there a lack of interest in the wiki page, or is there a
general scepsis? If the former, I'd volunteer to work on 'converting'
the wikipages this weekend, if the 2nd, I'd like to invite fellow
interested MOTUs to meet in #ubuntu-meeting this weekend to discuss the
proposal and/or working on our wiki pages.

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