KDE 4 uploads to universe

Daniel T. Chen crimsun at fungus.sh.nu
Thu Mar 15 01:56:08 GMT 2007

On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 14:50 +0000, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> The Kubuntu Council have decided to treat KDE 4 and related packages
> with a general upstream version freeze exception, pending any
> objections from MOTU Council.  This includes other pre-release
> software such as decibel and strigi that is not used by anything
> except KDE 4.

I'm not entirely comfortable having packages of KDE 4 snapshots in
Feisty universe, but I'm prepared to accept their existence in Feisty
universe based on two factors:

1) Because Edgy universe also has these packages (albeit an older
snapshot), removing them from Feisty universe would constitute a
2) The MOTU Council really does not have a charter to decide which
packages to accept. At this date, that's up to the universe UVF
exception team.

I realize that many people feel strongly about having such snapshot
packages. My opinion above is based on the fact that Kubuntu is a
community-driven distribution, and if Kubuntu users would like KDE 4
snapshots in Feisty universe, then - within reason - there's no reason
to prevent their inclusion.

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