[ubuntu-motu] KDE 4 uploads to universe

Reinhard Tartler siretart at tauware.de
Fri Mar 9 11:28:42 GMT 2007

Jonathan Riddell <jriddell at ubuntu.com> writes:

> If Jeremie Corbier is reading, please reply to this thread if you have
> a point to make and please do not flame me in your blog.  There is a
> reason we have mailing lists and IRC, blogs are not a replacement.

Sure thing. I feel quite similar like Jeremie, but I didn't say anything
to the descision, because I have no idea about the state of KDE 4. My
current feeling is that it isn't a good idea to include KDE4 into feisty
at this point. We have an UVF for a reason, you know.

However I see that you discuss the issues in the kubuntu community, and
seem to have come to an agreement, that it was a good idea to push this
into feisty anyway. I didn't participate in that discussion, so I don't
know how you came to this conclusion. Your mail only indicated that you
came to this conclusion, but not how. Therefore I'm not convinced that
getting KDE4 into feisty is a good idea, but I have no strong objection
either. IMO the kubuntu community should decide what's best for them.

I think Jeremie is thinking quite similar, and expressed his feelings in
his blog, a think that's perfectly legitimate to do in one's personal

> Having KDE 4 packages is a good idea because it helps people see the
> current state of KDE 4 and hopefully help out from there.  It ensure
> we have good quality packages when KDE 4 releases rather than hoping
> upstream will magically fix all the problems without us having to even
> look at it, then we package for the first time on the day of release.

Sure, but I don't expect that the KDE4 developers will devote enough
energy and time to fix KDE4 in feisty to a point that we were all
satisfied with the quality of the packages. No idea if this is correct,
though. But please don't give my words too much weigth, I don't use KDE
atm, and I don't have enough time left to contribute time to improve the
kde packages. sorry.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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