[ubuntu-motu] KDE 4 uploads to universe

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at ubuntu.com
Fri Mar 9 11:10:40 GMT 2007

If Jeremie Corbier is reading, please reply to this thread if you have
a point to make and please do not flame me in your blog.  There is a
reason we have mailing lists and IRC, blogs are not a replacement.

Having KDE 4 packages is a good idea because it helps people see the
current state of KDE 4 and hopefully help out from there.  It ensure
we have good quality packages when KDE 4 releases rather than hoping
upstream will magically fix all the problems without us having to even
look at it, then we package for the first time on the day of release.

Feel free to disagree with that but do so in the correct place.
Flaming me seems to be your entire contribution to Planet Ubuntu, I
recommend you remove your blog if that is the most constructive thing
you have to announce to the world.


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