Building packages for other archs

Cesare Falco cesare.falco at
Thu Mar 8 13:59:43 GMT 2007

Hi there,

this is my first post in the list, so a brief introduction about myself.

My name is Cesare Falco (guess right... I'm from Italy :) ) and I've been a
Debian user for 5 years before installing hoary and then upgrading up to
dapper due to a problem with 7.1 and the latest drivers of my Matrox
G550, which prevents OpenGL to benefit from the accelerated hw.

I'm currently working on packaging SDLMame for Ubuntu, and I already
uploaded the package to the REVU waiting for some sensitive soul to review
it :)

I read all the suggested docs about packaging and I feel that the first
release of the package is a good start to work from, but I couldn't find
anything about building binary packages for other architectures but mine

I.E. is there for Ubuntu some online system like the Autobuilder for Debian
where I can submit my package to see it built on PPC and Intel64?

Feel free to blame me if the answer is obvious, but please supply a link,
thank you! :)

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